Hey there!

Wow, I wonder how you stumbled upon this half-done web project of mine. This is still under construction, and might be for some time.

For now I am just focusing on blog. I am mostly writing for my own sake. I have a bit of partial memory loss now and then. And I want to keep track of a lot of things, that I would otherwise forget. This is like my diary space for now. I don’t mind sharing it with someone who is looking for something along the lines of my thought. If you find something you like, I am happy for you.

I plan to make this into a full fledged digital fingerprint, that I am hoping I can use to showcase my work and a blog as well. I was running two blogs 3-4 years ago which you can find in the past category of my blog. I think a lot, and I am planning to write a lot to help streamline my thoughts.

It is still good to see someone here. Please feel free to look around.